We're all about the horse. 

With the well-being and performance of their horses top of mind, Tamara Hudleston and Amanda Renouard (Née Bartlam) viewed available gel pad products on the market and realized there was an opportunity to improve. With a lifetime of experience in the equestrian industry, the women conceptualized the Very Important Pad (VIP), a cushioning half pad designed with a proprietary viscoelastic polymer rigorously tested in peer reviewed research for its superior pressure relieving, impact and sheer force reducing qualities in human medical settings.  

From the makers of FLAIR® Equine Nasal Strips comes Achieve Equine, the exclusive distributor of VIP Equestrian North America.

Achieve Equine began with the simple idea of taking the guesswork out of the buying process. A reliable worldwide supplier of trusted, competitively priced equine products, Achieve Equine solely distributes innovative products, backed by science, for the welfare of the horse.