The Equine Spinal Anatomy

The horse is an amazing animal. Anyone who competes on a horse is drawn to them through their essence and athleticism. Their anatomy and structure are equally as fascinating.The horse’s back is sometimes overlooked in its contribution to movement.

Why Saddle Fit Matters

Dealing with saddle fit issues can be more than frustrating to a rider. Trying to find a saddle that the rider loves AND that shows love to the horse can even seem impossible! We all know that a saddle needs to fit our horse, but what is the anato

It’s A VIP For A Reason: The Equestrian Life Review

Equestrian Life Magazine put the Very Important Pad through its paces at the Royal International Horse Show at Hickstead. This article describes how the VIP benefited both horses and riders: Here at Equestrian Life, we are asked to review a

VIP Saddle Pad Review for Very Important Ponies

Chloë, with Gift Horse Eventing, researched the Very Important Pad after her saddler suggested it. After some thorough research she jumped right in and tried it on her horse, Bolly. This article details her experience:  For all my horses i