Phillip Dutton Reviews VIP Saddle Pads

Phillip Dutton | Olympic Gold Medalist 

"I’m really excited about the VIP saddle pads. I think the concept is a revolution for horses’ backs and the way that they fit the saddle. There’s nothing worse than a horse having a sore back. I’m lucky to have custom-fitted Antares saddles, but this is an added bonus because your horse’s weight and muscling changes over time. This distributes all of the weight and the concussion evenly across the horse’s back at any given time, no matter any of those changes.

The VIP pad also doesn’t at all effect where you are on the horse because it’s still such a low profile, only 8 millimeters, so it’s not anything different for me in the saddle. It’s been a really great addition to our stable."

About Phillip Dutton

A six-time Olympian, Phillip Dutton moved to the United States from Australia in 1991, winning two Olympic team gold medals for Australia before becoming a U.S. citizen in 2006. He’s represented the United States at all the major international games, including winning individual bronze at the 2016 Olympic Games aboard Mighty Nice, as well as team gold and individual silver at the Pan American Games in 2007 and team gold in 2015. He has been the U.S. Eventing Association Rider of the Year 12 times and was Fédération Equestre Internationale World Event Rider in 2005. He’s a founding member of the Eventing Riders Association North America (formerly the Professional Riders Organization) and has served on the U.S. Equestrian Federation Safety Committee and the USEF Board of Directors. Also a top international coach, Dutton lives in West Grove, Pennsylvania, along with his wife, Evie Dutton; stepdaughter, Lee Lee Jones; and twin daughters, Olivia and Mary.