The Very Important Pad: Equispire Review

Kirsty Pearce, Equispire

In this articleKirsty Pearce reviews how the Very Important Pad helped with her back and neck pain by absorbing some of her horse, Lizzy's, very bouncy trot and canter:

My first experience of The VIP pad has been an exceptionally positive one! The first time I used the VIP pad I found it to fit seamlessly between the saddle cloth and saddle with no crumpling of the material causing any uneven pressure. The pad itself didn’t move at all whilst in use which is fab because Lizzy throws everything right when ridden due to her sacroiliac joint issues, that was a huge plus point for me! From the first day of trialling the VIP pad, I could feel how the gel was alleviating pressure on my lower back immediately whilst riding. I suffer with neck and back pain which can last a week or so at a time and I could feel the difference in how the VIP pad would be an invaluable asset to our everyday routine.

VIP Large Surface Area

The pad has a large surface area ensuring maximum comfort.

VIP Under Saddle

Lizzy modelling the VIP under saddle.

Bobbles, Equispire

Each gel pod is evenly distributed, for comfort and air flow.

A few of my favorite features of the VIP Pad

The material used has undergone 45 years of human grade research, so it’s clear to see why the VIP pad feels and is, very durable! I love the fact the pad isn’t bulky or too heavy, and the gel inside stays exactly where it’s meant to be, keeping the weight distributed evenly over the horses back as it should. The shape of the VIP pad has been designed to prevent any alteration of the fit of a saddle, which leaves me confident that Lizzy is comfortable at all times. Another great feature which is appreciated by most equestrians is that it's so easy to clean by wiping over with a damp cloth.