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Material: The VIP Original Saddle Pad is made from a proprietary, viscoelastic polymer, not gel.
Sizing: With a spine length of 22", this Pad fits English saddles with seat sizes 17 - 18.5 inches. A VIP for Western saddles is currently in development.
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  • Designed with bobbles to increase surface area, alleviate pressure points and distribute weight from saddle evenly across the horse's back.
  • Only 8mm thick, so the pad can be worn over or under a traditional saddle pad to eliminate pressure on the horse's spine without altering saddle fit.
  • Hypoallergenic, easy to clean and doesn't support bacterial growth.
  • Superior textured structure gives high tensile strength, the key to maintaining shape under extreme and prolonged compression.
  • Soft, flexible and seamless with no trims to cause pressure, allowing the VIP to mold to the horse's back like a low profile second skin.
  • Disperses heat from the horse's back to regulate temperature.


The VIP Original Saddle Pad is made with a proprietary, viscoelastic polymer designed over 50 years ago to prevent and treat pressure sores and ulcers in humans. Rigorously tested worldwide in peer reviewed research, this polymer is the universal gold standard in impact protection. The material behaves like fat and skin and doesn't leak or bottom out under pressure, providing better cushioning to the horse's back.


With a spine length of 22", the VIP Original fits English saddles with seat sizes 17 - 18.5 inches. The VIP will overhang on English saddles smaller than 17 inches, but this won't affect the way the VIP works. A VIP for Western saddles is currently in development.

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VIP doesn't alter saddle fit
Roland Tong, Irish International Dressage Rider

I ride in beautiful saddles that are fitted correctly. I was impressed that finally there was a saddle pad with research to prove the issues of impact and pressure. I want a saddle pad that will help to protect my horse’s back but does not alter saddle fit. The VIP does this and more.

Horse relaxes quicker with VIP
Pollie-anna Paige

I’m super pleased with my VIP - wore it for the first time to do two dressage tests and got over 5% more marks than in the same tests a week before! My boy is super sensitive but seems to relax through his back quicker and more willing to go forward, only difference is the VIP.

Won't ride without the VIP
Claire Galer

Absolutely thrilled with our VIP. A revolutionary, innovative, quality protection for your horse. Will not ride without it. VIP highly recommended.

Different than other brands
Marnie Long

Very impressed with the VIP. It has made such a difference to the softness of my mare's back and the pad definitely does not affect the saddle fit that other brands tend to do.

This really is a VIP
Rachel Spencer-Fleet

I was a bit skeptical as with all new horsey products on the market, but this really is a VIP Pad. My pony holds a lot of tension through her back and I have noticed a massive difference in her way of going and would recommend this pad.

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