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Material: The VIP™ Original Pony Pad is made from a proprietary, viscoelastic polymer – not a gel - called VEteq™.
Sizing: With a spine length of 17.5”, the VIP Original Pony is designed to fit English saddles with seat sizes 15.5” and smaller ponies (11, 12 and 13 hands).
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  • Bobbles™ surface alleviates pressure points and distributes weight from saddle evenly across the horse's back.
  • Only 8mm thick and designed to complement a correctly fitted saddle.
  • Place Bobbles side towards the horse’s back. Pad can be positioned over or under a traditional saddle pad.
  • Hypoallergenic, easy to clean and doesn't support bacterial growth.
  • Superior textured structure gives high tensile strength, the key to maintaining shape under extreme and prolonged compression.
  • Soft, flexible and seamless with no trims to cause pressure, allowing the VIP to conform to the horse's back like a low profile second skin.


VIP Equestrian™ Pads are made with a proprietary polymer called VEteq™. It is not a gel. This material is a unique, viscoelastic polymer that was designed over 50 years ago to prevent and treat pressure sores and ulcers in human medical settings. Rigorously tested worldwide in peer reviewed research, this polymer is the universal gold standard in impact protection. The material behaves like fat and skin and doesn't leak or bottom out under pressure, providing a layer of cushioning to the pony's back.


A scaled down version of the VIP Original Large, the VIP Original Pony has a spine length of 17.5”. It is designed to fit English saddles with seat sizes 15.5” and smaller ponies (11, 12 and 13 hands). 

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